Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Animation Reel

Just updated this with the 3D assignments I did with Stephen. Will have more work soon to add, but for now enjoy. And there is a larger version on my website at www.danforgione.com.

"Animation Reel"


sal iovine said...

nice stuff dan. the bronx zoo ads are so dope and the iTutor stuff is really tight man. keep em coming.


Yeah the bronx Zoo Stuff looks pretty good to me.....

Do you know if I can get some Higher res stuff to cut into my real for reindeer boy and wallaby child.

arran said...

nice demo reel dan - i particularly like the pbs stuff - very clever.

i like the music too, but i might turn off the cinematic orchestra stuff completely when you have other music playing - just so you don't get the clash of two pieces of music playing at one time.

there are some really nice sketches too on some of your other posts.