Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iTutor Update - Assignment 3 polish pass

Well tonight will be my last session with Stephen, at least for this time around. I've said it over and over again, but this experience has been amazing, and I really think I have made some strides into becoming a better animator. And HOPEFULLY, I will continue to make even more strides for the rest of my career. Just want to give one more thanks to Stephen for giving me this opportunity.

So here it is, my final assignment as close to finished as can be for now. There are a few things I want to tweek. I stayed up all night last night to finish it, and I feel some things are a little rushed. But overall I am pretty happy with it. Although I am looking forward to hearing what Stephen has to say, and hopefully I'll get one more pass at it after his notes, and then move on to the next shot.

Crits always welcome. Thanks


**UPDATE...uh seems the audio is slightly off sync..I swear it's not like that in the actual animation. I'll check the settings and repost tonight. In the meantime....pretend it's perfect! HA...... OOPS***

"Last Assignment"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

ITutor Update _Assignment 2_ Final (for now..)

Just can't seem to stop tweaking it. After meeting with Stephen, he gave me a few notes on the latest polish of my second assignment, and the 2 major notes he had were the timing in the middle when he goes into the "clenched pose" was too slow, and the way he brings his left arm down to the side before coming back up looked a little unnatural. So I fixed both, and am pretty happy with the result.

Showed Stephen this version and he said it was much better...


"Second Assignment"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

iTutor - Assignment 3

For this assignment I was to chose a short movie line. With the holidays and all I haven't met with Stephen in a while, so I spent some time polishing up the last assignment and did a bunch of thumbnails for this one, and finally finished a first pass at blocking last night.

One day I will post my passes at thumbs to show the difference. The biggest challenge I had to do was keep it simple. And I think this attempt was pretty good. This is only a blocking pass, and the lip sync is only roughed in, there are also a few spots where I need to adjust the timing and fix a few arcs, but I'll wait to see what Stephen thinks before I do anything else.

Feel free to crit.

"Final Assignment - Blocking pass"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Tree Vendetta

This is just a little sketch of what happened to Mandy and I this past Sat night....(colored it quickly but whatever...)

Mandy wasn't feeling too well this past week, so we took it easy this weekend and stayed in. Early Sat night after some Chinese food and quality programming on the 5 English speaking channels we get on our HD television, Mandy got off our tiny couch to lay down on the floor and stretch out for a bit. Soon after, I decided to join her and, literally, no more than 2 minutes later our f'in Christmas tree said "Screw you guys for chopping me down!" and came crashing towards us. We've had the tree since Dec 2nd, and I swear it felt like it was waiting for the most opportune moment to make its attack.

Needless to say our plan for a relaxing evening was wiped away by having to clean up all the ornaments, take the tree to the curb and sweep up the millions of pine needles that fell all over....some of which I am still finding today, including one that was stuck to my arm this morning when I woke up!

Next year....A fiber optic tree from Duane Reade!! Just kidding.

Also, as you can see, the gentleman that I am, I did EVERYTHING in my power to protect my fiance.
( Ok, well THAT part didn't really happen...but everything else is true. )

Happy New Year!


Friday, January 04, 2008

ITutor Update _Assignment 2...still

Been getting some great feedback/crits not only from Stephen but from friends too. I was pretty happy with the last version, but I admit is still needed work. Some things were a lil too much, and needed tweeking here and there, so here is another version. At some point I will be done with this, but I am sure I or someone else will eventually find another thing to tweek.

Also I started the next assignment as well, which is an acting piece to an audio clip from a movie. I've done some thumbs in Flash, and revisions to those thumbs, twice even...which I will eventually post, but not until after I have some blocking to go with it.

In the meantime, check this revised version of Assignment 2.

" Another Revision"