Sunday, January 13, 2008

ITutor Update _Assignment 2_ Final (for now..)

Just can't seem to stop tweaking it. After meeting with Stephen, he gave me a few notes on the latest polish of my second assignment, and the 2 major notes he had were the timing in the middle when he goes into the "clenched pose" was too slow, and the way he brings his left arm down to the side before coming back up looked a little unnatural. So I fixed both, and am pretty happy with the result.

Showed Stephen this version and he said it was much better...


"Second Assignment"


Jim Mortensen said...

This has come sooooo far. You should be proud.

Also, you should thank me for helping and buy me a car.

Stewart said...

Yeah def better man. I had issues with the "clinch" before, but I couldn't articulate it. Partly is that, yes, it takes to long to get there.

As to why it takes to long to get there, it might be, because you have the wide eyed pose, before it, then the clinch. And all this is either taking too long, or trying to say too much, or a little of both.

There is something that throws me with the wide eye pose. I think it is the card dropping. I don't get why he would do that.

Could he keep the card and drop it whil clenching? Or even better, scrunch it up, with out realizing it. Which could lead to a great final reaction, and tell a lot about the character. He would have just lost control of his emotions, and even ended up destroying a piece of that which he was once working on. How does he feel about THAT?

And I suggest about changing the final pose, as I really don't understand whats going on with the last expresssion.

But that is making some major changes, which might not even be good changes, late in the game, which sucks. And it might just be time to move on to the next shot?

mikecarloooyeah said...

dude this shit looks sweet. The movement is real nice, and its very expressive. Keep up the good work super star.

Adam Gard said...

Dan! Thanks for the comments on my Stu pose...pretty much the suggestions you gave were the same my mentor gave. I've revised and posted on my blog.

Think this latest tweak on your falling card house ani is awesome! One thing is I'd love to see the shoulders depress down more that the end...make him saggier and more defeated. Otherwise I think it's looking fairly solid. Keep at it and I'll keep checking back and hope you can keep commenting on my blog...Feedback is where it's at man! =)

Happy Animating!