Wednesday, January 09, 2008

iTutor - Assignment 3

For this assignment I was to chose a short movie line. With the holidays and all I haven't met with Stephen in a while, so I spent some time polishing up the last assignment and did a bunch of thumbnails for this one, and finally finished a first pass at blocking last night.

One day I will post my passes at thumbs to show the difference. The biggest challenge I had to do was keep it simple. And I think this attempt was pretty good. This is only a blocking pass, and the lip sync is only roughed in, there are also a few spots where I need to adjust the timing and fix a few arcs, but I'll wait to see what Stephen thinks before I do anything else.

Feel free to crit.

"Final Assignment - Blocking pass"

1 comment:

Stewart said...

The only thing that pops out at me, is it seems too even again. Like Stephen mentioned in test number 2.

I don't agree with the massive eyebrow movement, as far as acting choices, just because the voice is so calm, and restrained. I see more of a hanible lecter type restraint.

maybe if there is something drastic, its a burt, like his evil is bubbleing to the surface, and he needs to quickly push it back down.

I like the coffe fiddleing. awsome. when the arm shortens though, I think the elbow is going back in space, could it point down? Might give a better read.