Thursday, April 24, 2008

"City Suckers"

Just wanted to do a quick post about a project I helped out with which is currently featured on Cold Hard Flash.
"City Suckers" is a music video produced by the record label Ghostly International and directed by Jessica Milazzo and Daniel Garcia.

(go to the "City Suckers" link above and click on the banner on the bottom right labeled "exclusive video")

I only did a few scenes of rough animation, and the rest was handled by a talented team made up of animators, Chris Siemasko , Nick Bertonazzi, David Haines, Anne Witbeck and BG artist Liz Artinian.

Great job to everyone, and thanks Jessica for allowing me to be a part of it, it was fun!


Keelmy said...

I love getting to work on these types or projects. Looks like alot of fun to have worked on.


congrats are mad busy up there in YONKERS..