Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick Sketches

Working from home has been pretty good to me. Been getting a steady amount of work coming in on some great projects. And while I do miss the interaction with other artists, not only socially, but also creatively, I have been more inspired to take a couple minutes to pick up my sketchbook from time to time.

Something I have neglected to do way too often! Maybe it's because I don't have a 2 hour commute everyday on a crowded subway. :)

Certainly don't want to work from home the rest of my life- at least not everyday. I think we all need to be exposed to other people's work in a common setting to only get better and help each other grow....but for now, it will do.

Did these after looking at some of this year's (and past work) coming out of the French school, Gobelin's. If I ever had more of a reason to want to move to France, it would be to take classes there. The attention that pay to the craft of animation is amazing. This year's films, in my opinion, weren't as strong as past...but nonetheless were very well executed.

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