Thursday, June 21, 2007


While waiting for Animagic to start earlier in the year, (and way before it's demise..) I did some freelance as a layout artist on a pilot called Timeslip, which is an original production written and created by james dean conklin. It's being commissioned by Fly Cell, and produced by Red Giant Media.

Here is a link to the Production Blog, and james' company, greenhead media, where he has a promo page for it.

james and a small group of talented people put together 2 pilots, the second one being finished as I type. Everyone's got their fingers crossed that it get's picked up. Good luck james...

Here are some stills from the first pilot which is the one I worked on. None are the shots I did, and I didn't take the opportunity to scan them in before giving them to james. One day maybe I'll grab them from james and post. It was a challenge for me since it's a far cry from my typical style of drawing, but fun none the less to try something different. Anyways, check it out, and be on the lookout for it....

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