Saturday, December 29, 2007

iTutor Update _Assignment 2 Comparison

First off, Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is enjoying theirs. It's been slow going here in terms of working on my assignments, but not much you can do about that during the holidays.

Anyways I "finished" my second assignment, and sent it to Stephen for feedback. Overall, I am pretty happy with it, there are a few areas I think could use some more work, but I think it has come a long way since the last posting, which is why I am posting both files, the "Before notes" and "After notes" quicktimes, so that you can see the differences. Also if you re read my previous post...the comparison will make a little more sense since I went into some detail the notes Stephen had suggested. And now you will have the visuals to go with it. (please excuse the lack of attention to the cards collapsing, time is limited to work on this and my focus was on the character, and I need to move on to the next assignment)

**Also, the biggest difference between the two is that the older one isn't as finished as the new one. For example I hadn't gotten to any of the hands or facial polishing before submitting and getting notes.**

When I get feedback from Stephen I will be sure to update again. But in the meantime take a look, and feel free to comment/crit.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year!!

" Before Stephen's Notes"

" After Stephen's Notes"


Stewart said...

I can definately see the improvement.
The hands and head offsets in the settle as he's placing the card.

All the new eye darts. They look better, but they might be a bit much? Can't quite place it. not sure if its a real critiques, or just differing opinions in regards to acting choices.

To much to discuss in a blog comment. I"ll bug you at work about it.

Keelmy said...

Hi Dan and Happy Holidays!

How exciting, that's really awesome to hear about your opportunity. Your animation is really sweet.

A few things caught my eye and I hope you don't mind throwing my 2 cents.

The 1st thing I noticed is you have this double anticipation. Your character does this lean back before leaning forward into the big antic then back up again. It makes him rock alil too much.

The 2nd, and this might be more of a"superficial choice". I would have loved to see alil more frustration in his face. Maybe some gritted teeth and shaking fists when he does his big pose. I think that pose you chose could also use abit of variety in posing. I know we're looking at from his side but if you looked at it dead on, his two halves would match.

Finally, when he comes down from that pose, its floaty. The action could benefit from either being sped up or hitting his squash pose harder.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work. Thanks a ton for sharing!