Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Just some random sketches. Some unfinished.....others not that good....but oh well....

Anyone watch ABC 7 news in the morning? Just curious...:)

More soon....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick Sketches

Working from home has been pretty good to me. Been getting a steady amount of work coming in on some great projects. And while I do miss the interaction with other artists, not only socially, but also creatively, I have been more inspired to take a couple minutes to pick up my sketchbook from time to time.

Something I have neglected to do way too often! Maybe it's because I don't have a 2 hour commute everyday on a crowded subway. :)

Certainly don't want to work from home the rest of my life- at least not everyday. I think we all need to be exposed to other people's work in a common setting to only get better and help each other grow....but for now, it will do.

Did these after looking at some of this year's (and past work) coming out of the French school, Gobelin's. If I ever had more of a reason to want to move to France, it would be to take classes there. The attention that pay to the craft of animation is amazing. This year's films, in my opinion, weren't as strong as past...but nonetheless were very well executed.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


While waiting for Animagic to start earlier in the year, (and way before it's demise..) I did some freelance as a layout artist on a pilot called Timeslip, which is an original production written and created by james dean conklin. It's being commissioned by Fly Cell, and produced by Red Giant Media.

Here is a link to the Production Blog, and james' company, greenhead media, where he has a promo page for it.

james and a small group of talented people put together 2 pilots, the second one being finished as I type. Everyone's got their fingers crossed that it get's picked up. Good luck james...

Here are some stills from the first pilot which is the one I worked on. None are the shots I did, and I didn't take the opportunity to scan them in before giving them to james. One day maybe I'll grab them from james and post. It was a challenge for me since it's a far cry from my typical style of drawing, but fun none the less to try something different. Anyways, check it out, and be on the lookout for it....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Goose Chase

This is probably the most common sight I see while riding my bike up along the Bronx River....second only to, maybe the goose poo.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Will try to post more often....but in the mean time just needed to take a couple mins from working, to draw Stanley here....